1. Cutest Boy in Texas… Shot with my Fuji X-E1 with a 35mm 1.4 using off camera flash

  2. Future Star!! #golf

  3. Good times with Mr. Bubba #aaronsraderphotography #crystalbeach

  4. I Had a Great Father-Daughter Weekend in San Antonio. We visited the reenactment of the 1836 siege on Santa Anna’s Army upon the Alamo. My daughter loved watching the character that she is learning about in school. She also Met and Bought a Book about the Alamo Cat CC.. It was truly a wonderful weekend.

  5. I Had a great time with my Daughter exploring the Natural Bridge Caverns this past weekend. It was  an amazing place to take pictures and learn more about Texas History.. It is truly worth the drive from Houston.

  6. I spent the evening taking pictures of my handsome Grandson. I love using my little camera to capture  lives little moments. I love my Fuji camera. This was shot using a Westcott 43 Octabox and a Single Speed light along with a sliver reflector.

  7. My beautiful Wife.. I am missing her this week. Chicago is a great city but lonely without her. :(

  8. First one smelt it dealt it. :) #musical #aaronsraderphotography #theatre #texas

  9. A few more head shots from the Upcoming Musical Legally Blonde.

  10. Three more Head shots from the upcoming Musical Legally Blonde. I love that my Little Fuji Camera can produce such amazing work. So many people are caught up on the Full Frame race.To me the better question is does this camera make you want to go out and take pictures. Does your camera stay with you on a daily basis. If the answer to these questions are YES, then you have the right camera for you. For me that camera is the FUJI X-E1.. Sure there are better cameras on the market but I love my little guy and he does fantastic work. So, if you are new to photography , or a seasoned veteran . Ask yourself those simple questions. Does your camera make you want to shoot. It is the right size for me. 

    Aaron Srader

  11. The New Mr. Butters is officially part of the family. I love photography and the fact that technology allows me to take pictures of anything and everything , and post it minutes later is amazing. I love my little Fuji camera.

    Aaron Srader

  12. Elle Woods #legallyblonde #theatre #texas #musical #setx

  13. Another Wonderful actress #legallyblonde #texas #musical #theatre

  14. Legally Blonde ( the accused)
    #aaronsraderphotography #legallyblonde #theatre #texas#musical

  15. Michelle loves her Sock Monkeys.. I had to snap a picture of this last night .